POEM: jump naked into the sea

Molly Beane poetry

jump naked into the sea

Molly Beane Poetry | October 3, 2019 | San Diego, CA

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Most people I’ve met have the same things in common:


   They stifle their deepest desires 

   Commit to a life of longing 

   Eschew biology 

   Evade intuition in service of the lie 

   Conform like robots to silly expectations 

   Willingly burn the self on a stake 

   A sacrifice to illusory Gods 


This is not freedom. 

It’s self-imposed slavery. 

We punish ourselves and others 

for. no. reason. 

Holding up fun house mirrors of shame. 


Yet the most incredulous part? 

There is an easy cure. 

You can simply choose differently. 

It’s okay. You can ask for what you want.


But you’re afraid of the initial discomfort.

Yes, it stings a little. 

But it’s only like the prick of the vaccine. 

It hurts only for a second. 

That second is worth it if it saves your life. 


Consider the possibility of an honest mess, 

even if it feels like performing a eulogy at Disneyland. 


And then: 


Jump naked into the sea 

Wander aimlessly 

Wave your freak flag 

Say yes to the flow 

And no the resistance 

Even if you’re misunderstood 

Revel in the touch of a lover 

Enjoy multiple orgasms 

Savor each morsel 

Dance until sunrise 

And then bask in that sun

Ride the rollercoaster 

As many times as you want

Create your own family 

Follow your heart 

Tell them you’re in love 

Go for your dreams

Do not be discouraged 

Become an exhibition of the human experience 


Live life outloud; fully, joyously, honestly. 

Your joy and love are the meaning of life. 

Because one day, the earth and sun 

will slope off of their scales

and our bodies wither into dust.

Molly Beane poetry

love, molly

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