POEM: the art of being

Molly Beane poetry

the art of being

Molly Beane Poetry | October 25, 2019 | Villa Sumaya – Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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The world is a bank of messages.
Can you see them? Hear them?
The truth is making itself known.
Stop pretending that it is any other way.
Listen and stand tall in who you are.
Renounce the false ego’s selfish desires
and accept that you can be an agent of healing.
The fullness you experience comes when
you fall in love with the world;
when you trust the mystery and
allow yourself to be united with all
in a beautiful, brilliant light.
You don’t need a guarantee.
Instead, dip yourself into the unknown
with curiosity and adventure.
May you be grateful.
May you be intoxicated with love and wonder.
May you remember who you are.

Molly Beane poetry

love, molly

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