POEM: vous-souvenez-vous de moi?

Molly Beane poetry

vous-souvenez-vous de moi?

Molly Beane Poetry | November 11, 2019 | Cincinnati, OH

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I want you more than I need you – 

but I could use your help if you’re willing to oblige. 


Undress me gently. 

Remove my armor -plate by plate. 

Do not indulge my weakness. 


Even if my underbelly is an amorphous mess. 

Even if under those iron slabs, the only thing left of me 

is caterpillar soup oozing pungent hydroxygen sulfide that singes your nostrils. 


It’s not pleasant but you’ve done it for me before,

and you’ve been waiting for my return. 


Late Middle Ages – you nursed my boils. 

Just moments before the Black Death liberated my soul in Marseilles,

you promised, 

“Je reviendrai pour vous un jour.” 

One last song sweetening the ears before my eyes turned to glass 

and I floated into the ethers. 


You forgot how to speak French, but I didn’t. 

And every time I’m with you, I’m enchanted by benevolent maelstroms

gently eroding your amnesia. 

C’est tout à fait remarquable

I see it in your muscle memory. 

In your eyes





sending telepathic messages from centuries ago. 


That’s why you saw me shapeshift from eight to 80.

An ancient secret revealed and 

you’re not sure whether to coalesce or flee.


Mon cher, s’il vous plaît, n’ayez pas peur.


Molly Beane poetry

love, molly

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