I Stand for Love 2020 Calendar

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2020 Self Love Calendar. #sacredselflove The 2020 I Stand for Love Calendar (in its 16th year in print!) is a vibrant container filled with daily love nuggets. This little calendar is FILLED WITH MAGIC! Made with eco-friendly materials by artist Sarah Love. Makes a great gift!

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2020 Self Love Calendar

2020 Self Love Calendar

As seen on the Today Show!

The 2020 I Stand for Love Calendar (in its 16th year in print!) is a vibrant container filled with daily love nuggets. This little calendar is FILLED WITH MAGIC!

Every day there’s a brand new message. Morsels of truth and delight for you to take in, one bite at a time. One day at a time. So that over time your thoughts become your friends. And your mind can become a tool for love and compassion. And your heart can express its very own unique and beautiful wisdom in the world. What’s better than that?

If we practice Love every day, with intention, we thrive.

Give your mind something that will change it for the better.

Give it wonder and optimism. Let the miracles unfold.

Give your heart some soothing and gentle encouragement. And let it be uplifted every day.

2020 Self Love Calendar

Gifting a gift that’s made in the USA, with eco-friendly materials, by an artist (read: very small business) not only makes a positive impact on the people you love but easy on the planet as well. Total #winwin.

How to use this 2020 Self Love Calendar

  • You get a new affirmation (mantra) every month. Repeat it on the daily to infuse its meaning into your heart and mind.
  • There are 365 unique messages, each one designed to move you in the direction of love. Read it throughout the day. Meditate on it. Allow it to uplift and inspire you.
  • Look for the new & full moon symbols to track the natural rhythms of life on our beautiful planet (pay attention to synchronicities #totallycosmic)
  • Keep an eye out for Luly the Ladybug. Lulu = extra magic or a little miracle coming your way.

Tips from Calendar Lovers

  • “I like to carry a few with me. I give them to people who seem like they need something to brighten their day.”
  • “Pack it in your suitcase + take it with you wherever you go.”
  • “I love gifting them as a New Years card vs. sending out Holiday cards in December.”
  • “Use your birthday message as your mantra for the year.”

2020 Self Love Calendar

Hangs on the wall at 8 1/2 X 11 inches. #Smallbutmighty

ABOUT THE ARTIST: The super talented artist who created this beautiful piece of work is Sarah Love (, an inspirational artist and outrageous optimist. She is dedicated to uplifting and inspiring people every single day because she knows that we can create more love in the world when we start on the inside and work our way out.

Sign up for her email list at to get daily love letters to brighten up your inbox!

2020 Self Love Calendar

This 2020 self love calendar is dedicated to the young ones growing up in these times of change and the inner child living inside each of us. May all beings be blessed with love.

2020 Self Love Calendar


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