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Support your #sacredselfcare

Sometimes we need a little guidance. A fresh perspective to help us get to our most authentic, aligned self.

You can choose to request that I use the Mystics Oracle Deck that we carry in our line (it is very special) or a more traditional Tarot deck. Upon purchase, please contact and let me know if you a preference for the tools I use.

You can choose from the following options:

  • 20/30 minute video reading
  • 1000-word email reading
  • 60-minute Zoom (or Skype) reading

Please contact me with your preference and with a little background on why you are seeking a reading and what you’d like me to focus on. It also helps if I have your date of birth, and time/location of birth if you have it (although this is not an astrology reading).

Mystics Oracle Deck Mystics Oracle Deck

This purchase would be great for you if:

– You’re looking for a more tailored tool to enhance your #sacredselfcare

– You’re looking for guidance on a specific issue and feel blocked or could use an additional perspective.

– You’re looking for inspiration for your self-care & want to take your needs, wants, and desires more seriously.

You’re on the lookout for things you haven’t tried so far.

– You want to see what the cards have in store!


My services are not a replacement for a licensed mental health professional. If you have mental health issues that you need to address and you are receiving the appropriate help from a licensed professional, you may find a reading/session with me to be a great addition to the work you are already doing. As a complimentary aid, spiritual readings and sessions can do wonderful things. However, they should not be the first port of call for dealing specifically with mental health issues.

I do not consider myself to be a “fortune teller.” I use the cards to help you tap into your intuition, your higher self, and an additional perspective to help guide objectively. Tarot & oracle decks are portals through which intuition and inspiration flow. However, we have free will and you alone are responsible for your decisions. My role is to give you an additional perspective and to motivate and empower you.

Therefore, I cannot make any claims and you should know that these readers should be used for entertainment purposes.

I like to be respectful of pronouns. If you’d like to make sure that I’m aware of yours and/or your partner’s pronouns before a reading/session, let me know in your notes.

I keep all your information in confidence. 

Please do not purchase a reading on behalf of someone else who is not aware of it.

I reserve the right to listen to my intuition at all times. If I don’t feel that a reading/session would be appropriate or I have a sense that I am not the correct professional for you, I will decline to go ahead and offer a full refund.

I am not a medium and do not aim to make contact with the dead on your behalf.

I keep it real. My aim is to empower you but there may be information that comes through that could come through that comes across as ‘tough love.’ I believe in radical candor, which means I am honest and I keep it real. However, I will be sensitive as possible in delivering information, and everything comes from the aim of being for your highest and greatest good.

I am happy to discuss your needs with you before you make a purchase. If you’re unsure of whether or not we could work effectively together, please email


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