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Molly is the Founder & CEO of 

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EXAMPLE TALK: How Generation Z is changing the way we do business

What does Molly speak about?

Molly Beane is an award-winning CEO who overcame poverty, childhood trauma, and addiction to build a worldwide brand.

She built her business with Gen Z in mind and FMWL's brand narrative is feminist, intersectional, and aims to eschew toxic beauty standards in favor of self-love and self-care. 

  • Beauty shaming: How toxic beauty standards have hurt women & girls and what we can do about it (self-hatred is a billion dollar business). 
  • Generation Z: How Gen Z is changing the way we do business.  
  • How to take the first steps to create your dream business: How I started an Etsy shop from my kitchen and turned it into a worldwide brand.
  • How to zig when they zag: How to get noticed when your competitors have more resources than you.
  • Overcoming addiction and/or other challenges 
  • Building resilience: make trauma your guru 
  • Rituals for self-love and self-care
  • Why self-care can be a subversive act
  • Getting unstuck and making progress after adversity and failure
  • How to find your destiny/life's calling 
  • How to turn fear into love

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