DIY Pore Mask – Papaya No-More Pores Double Mask Treatment


DIY Pore Mask

This mask can help even skin tone and leaves skin with a wonderful glow. The papaya and pineapple contain protein-dissolving enzymes that help dissolve and lift away dry, scaly skin, which over time can build up on your skin and leave a dull appearance. With repeated use, this mask will tend to make your pores appear smaller (likely due to the removal of dead skin debris, which can clog and stretch the pore wall).
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Papaya No-More Pores Double Mask Treatment

  • Recommended for: all skin types except sensitive skin.
  • Use: 1 time per week
  • Follow with: moisturizer
  • Prep time: 10 – 15 minutes
  • Blending tools: mortar & pestle (or a bowl) and fork
  • Do not store
  • Yield: 1 treatment for Mask 1; 1 treatment for Mask 2


  • 1/4 cup freshly mashed raw papaya
  • 1 teaspoon fresh, raw pineapple juice
Using a mortar & pestle or a small bowl and fork, mask the papaya and combine with the pineapple juice until the two are thoroughly mixed and a smooth paste is formed.
Application tips: Gently pat this juicy pulp onto the face and neck with your fingers, then lie down for 15 – 20 minutes with a towel around your head and behind your neck. The product can be a bit runny. Your face will probably tingle during this time but you can relax; it just means the natural fruit acid are working. After 15 – 20 minutes, rinse.


After using Mask 1, apply white a mask of 1 tablespoon white clay mixed with a little bit of water. Mix to remove lumps. Use fingers to spread the paste onto your face and neck, and allow to dry completely for 20 – 30 minutes, preferably while you are lying down. The mask will seemingly lift and tighten the skin. Rinse.
love, molly

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