our mission

From Molly With Love® is a brand devoted to #sacredselfcare through all-natural skincare products, yogi/meditation tools, lifestyle enhancers, and stress relievers. AHHHH.

From Molly With Love

our humble beginnings

Hi! Molly Beane here!

From Molly With Love® began in late 2016 at the lowest point of my life. No joke.

So I came back to the things that made me feel better – making face oils for my best friends. Writing. Singing. Sleeping as much as I wanted. Creating concoctions. Taking long baths. Going to yoga and caring for my chakras. Meditating. Reiki and energy clearing. Spending time in nature.

Doing what I now know as #sacredselfcare.

Since then, we’ve grown from a craft-fair/Etsy business to selling in thousands of retail stores in six countries! We also sell at major retailers like Urban Outfitters, Francesca’s, and even the Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas. In 2019, we were recognized as a Small Business of the Year in California Assembly District 78 by Assemblymember Todd Gloria. We’ve also been featured on Good Morning America, Pop Sugar, Well + Good, the San Diego Business Journal, and many other media outlets & podcasts.

From Molly With Love
FMWL products on the shelves of one of our many retail partners.

the best healing comes from nature

Chances are, you’re a pretty well-informed shopper. According to the FDA, half of all Americans read food ingredient labels ‘always’ or ‘some of the time.’ More and more people are concerned about what they put IN their bodies. But how much attention are you paying to what you put ON your body?

60 percent of what you put ON your skin gets directly absorbed in your bloodstream. If you don’t believe that, try cutting a clove of garlic in half and rubbing it on the bottom of your foot. Within minutes, you’ll be able to taste garlic in your mouth. Seriously. Try it.

That’s why it’s so important to read and understand the ingredient labels on your skincare and personal care products.

From Molly With Love

We are poisoning ourselves every time we use skincare products loaded with SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Aluminum, Petroleum, and mystery fragrances.

We deserve better so we don’t carry ANY products with toxic ingredients and we are PETA-certified.

From Molly With Love

meet molly

I believe self-care isn’t selfish. It’s mandatory.

From Molly With Love
Hi friends!

Have a look around, check us out, support a small family business, and most importantly — use these tools for your own #sacredselfcare — when we care for one, we care for all.

From Molly With Love
Circa Oct 2019 – Guatemala