All Natural. Always. From Molly, With Love.

our mission

From Molly With Love® is a feminist clean beauty brand devoted to ending “beauty shaming” and promoting radical self care.

Beauty Shaming: From the time we are children, women internalize a toxic and unrealistic beauty standard. This beauty standard is a currency. If you fit the mold, you are free to move through society with greater ease than the women who don’t. We refuse to make our customers feel like they need to meet these impossible standards. That’s why we don’t use terms like “anti-aging” and why the models in our advertisements are diverse and intersectional.

#RadicalSelfCare: We believe that intentional self-care practices can help us build resiliency against beauty shaming. We hope that From Molly With Love® products can be a part of your #radicalselfcare routine.

These three affirmations drive the boat around here:

  • I deserve to feel beautiful 24/7/365.
  • I want to care for my skin; I only get one shot at life in this body.
  • There’s no shame in my beauty game.

I deserve to feel beautiful 24/7/365

This company began as a way to care for me after battling addiction and mental illness. I started adopting little rituals to heal myself – meditating in the morning, taking the time to savor my nightly skincare ritual, indulging in long and steamy showers, etc.

When I priced and branded our products, I wanted them to be made with high-quality ingredients and look beautiful – but not be so expensive that they’re inaccessible. The word “everyday luxury” came to mind over and over again.

Everyday luxury is what makes life a little more unique. It’s the candle you light at your desk at work. It’s a soak in the bathtub after a long day. It’s buying flowers for yourself just because you want to. It’s sleeping in a half hour on Saturday mornings.

Even the smallest self-care practices can make a big difference in women’s lives. And in a way, a commitment to self-care is subversive.

Self-care is a radically feminist act.

I want to care for my skin; I only get one shot at life in this body.

Chances are, you’re a pretty well-informed shopper. According to the FDA, half of all Americans read food ingredient labels ‘always’ or ‘some of the time.’ More and more people are concerned about what they put IN their bodies. But how much attention are you paying to what you put ON your body?

60 percent of what you put ON your skin gets directly absorbed in your bloodstream. If you don’t believe that, try cutting a clove of garlic in half and rubbing it on the bottom of your foot. Within minutes, you’ll be able to taste garlic in your mouth. Seriously. Try it.

That’s why it’s so important to read and understand the ingredient labels on your skincare and personal care products.

We are poisoning ourselves every time we use skincare products loaded with SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Aluminum, Petroleum, and mystery fragrances.

We deserve better.

There is no shame in my beauty game.

Women are tired. Bone tired.

We give and give and give until we break.

We are so often expected to perform a character in this world. We’re told to smile, look pretty, be cheerful, do more, be more, take care of everyone else but ourselves.

In 2017, we’re still very often expected to bear the brunt of the housework, but now we get to “Lean In” while we’re at it.

We’re expected to be beautiful. But not *too* beautiful. Thin but not *too* thin. And forever 25 years old.

Self-hatred is a multi-billion dollar industry.

And it’s fucking exhausting.

Repeat after me: There is NO SHAME in my beauty game.

By choosing everyday luxury, by choosing all-natural ingredients, by making time for our self-care, by putting ourselves FIRST, we are resisting the patriarchy and the beauty industrial complex.


Self care isn’t selfish. It’s mandatory.

meet molly

In 2013, I started to wonder about the products I was using in my home and on my body – and discovered there was a better, healthier way. I started making my own home and beauty products from essential oils. Over the years, I kept experimenting. My friends started asking me to make these items for them and I was receiving incredible feedback. Their skin had never looked better.

During this time, it seemed like I had it all. (“It all” as prescribed for a college-educated white woman.) My skin looked amazing, my career was on fire, I had met the man of my dreams, and we lived a couple blocks from the beach in San Diego. I was the epitome of having it together, on paper.

2013: I had “it all,” including a beer (or ten)

On the inside, I was a complete disaster. I thought I was fine, that I had risen above the unfortunate circumstances of my childhood and early years. That I had overcome.

Except that I hadn’t. I had been anesthetizing my feelings with alcohol.

So in 2016, I went to rehab for alcoholism. When I got out, I went on a journey to heal myself emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. I returned to the natural products that I had fallen in love with years earlier. And I realized that life was too short to play small.

2016: Freshly out of rehab. Still blissfully unaware that a fascist Cheeto would be elected President

So I decided to turn my hobby into a business in August 2016.

I started as a one-woman show, working like a mad scientist on formulations from the kitchen of my 500-square foot apartment near the beach in San Diego, California. I sold the products on Etsy and did everything myself – from product development to packaging to marketing.

Since then, we’ve grown….a lot. From Molly With Love® is now sold in hundreds of retailers nationwide and in four countries. Our products can be found in places like Urban Outfitters, The Detox Market, Francesca’s, Aillea, The Cosmopolitan Resort of Las Vegas, and more.

Our business has grown exponentially since then and I believe that it’s because – just like me – you want a better way to care for your skin.

Hanging out at the office

So why is it important to me to share my past with you?

When I was growing up, I saw the TV commercials for beauty products and thought how fancy it must be to wash my face with something other than a bar of generic soap. Through this growth phase, both for the business and myself, it became clear to me that the products I’m creating are everyday luxury.

We all deserve to look and feel our absolute best. And creating these products quite literally saved my life. I was inspired after rehab to keep exploring product formulations. It kept me focused and gave me a way to channel my newfound creativity and inspiration. I only knew of some of the chemicals I was slathering onto my body every day, because the beauty industry is wildly unregulated and not everything is on the label.

So no matter how fast we grow, I will always know exactly what’s in each product. And every ingredient has meaning and purpose – down to the crystal-infused, ionized alkaline water that we use in our spray products. As the one formulating the products and as one of our testers, I see the difference on my skin, I feel it inside, and I know I have added years back to my life by switching to all-natural products.