crystals for each zodiac sign

crystals for each zodiac sign

Guest post by Xenia Mateiu, Village Rock Shop

Crystals, gemstones, and geodes can enrich our lives in many ways. They can be easily incorporated into our routines and self-growth journey and invite a lot of healing energy into our homes and souls. And if you are both a crystal and astrology enthusiast, you might want to know which crystal can best support your personality strengths and balance your zodiac sign’s weaknesses.

Of course, one way to choose a crystal is to follow your intuition and see what best resonates with your energy. But you can always use this guide to find out which of the crystals we recommend resonate with your heart based on your zodiac sign.

Aries ♈

best crystals for aries
Crystals for Aries

Aries is fiery, bold, and ambitious. People born under this zodiac sign are most likely confident, motivated, and passionate. They love to be number one.

Aries have no problem being assertive, driven, and optimistic, and the following crystals can enhance their strengths:

  • Carnelian – can give Aries a boost of courage in pursuing their ambitious dreams and supports their already strong motivation
  • Red Jasper – maintains Aries’ vitality and high energy, especially when they feel depleted

On the other hand, Aries might need to balance their impulsive tendencies and overconfidence. They might get too competitive and quick-tempered and act like they know everything. To improve self-awareness and balance these traits, Aries can infuse their auras with the following crystals:

  • Amethyst – is known for its calming energy and can help Aries chill down with their sometimes exaggerated confidence
  • Green Aventurine – will bring balance to their senses and encourage healthy confidence levels

Taurus ♉

Best crystals for Taurus
Crystals for Taurus

This zodiac sign is said to enjoy the finer things in life. People born between April 21st and May 20th are pleasure and comfort inclined and appreciate beauty. They can be dependable, well-grounded, and hard-working.

The following crystals can enrich Taurus’ assets and can help them reach their highest potential:

  • Onyx – is a grounding crystal that can improve a hard worker’s stamina, focus, and motivation
  • Rhodonite – is a crystal that synchronizes with a Taurus’ natural tendency to generosity, compassion, responsibility, and love

But Taurus can also get routine-obsessed, judgemental, or stubborn. To balance these traits, as a Taurus, you can harness the power of the following crystals:

  • Malachite – can help Taurus embrace change, stay flexible, and open their heart to unconditional love
  • Rose Quartz – teaches understanding and kindness and promotes emotional healing

Gemini ♊

best crystals for gemini
Crystals for Gemini

Geminis tend to be intelligent and innovative and have wonderful creative energy. They are also skillful, light-hearted, and flexible; many people love them for their traits.

The crystals that can enhance a Gemini’s qualities are:

  • Lapis Lazuli – encourages self-expression and self-confidence
  • Sodalite – improves emotional intelligence and can help Geminis thrive

Unfortunately, Geminis can also be unreliable or inconsistent and easily detach themselves. They can be impulsive and might struggle with decision-making. The following crystals might come in handy and help balance a Gemini’s weaknesses:

  • Amber – for protection against negative energy and more consistency in a Gemini’s life
  • Crazy Lace Agate – can help a Gemini improve focus and concentration for clearer thinking

Cancer ♋

best crystals for cancer zodiac
Crystals for Cancer

Cancers are intuitive and emotionally intelligent. They can be very caring and compassionate, loyal, and devoted. The crystals that can support these traits and resonate with Cancer’s energy are:

  • Selenite – resonates with Cancer’s harmonious and caring energy
  • Moonstone – activates intuitive powers and gets you in tune with your true feelings

At the same time, Cancers might need to balance their tendencies to hold grudges, be possessive, and manage their high sensitivity. We recommend the following crystals for Cancers who would like to work on their weaknesses:

  • Black Tourmaline – a great emotional healer and protector
  • Garnet – for improving Cancer’s emotional balance and managing hypersensitivity

Leo ♌

best crystals for Leo
Crystals for Leo

Leos are performative, vibrant, warm, playful, and courageous. They can be generous, display leadership skills, and enjoy exploration and entertainment. The following stones reason well with Leos:

  • Citrine – its sunny, optimistic, and joyful energy will match and support Leo’s vibes
  • Pyrite – has a strong connection to the Sun, Leo’s ruling planet, and can enhance determination

On the other hand, Leos can get quite self-obsessed, dramatic, and overly proud. Their big egos can make them struggle with accepting criticism. If you are a Leo, these crystals might help you temper your weak points:

  • Howlite – a calming stone that will help Leo increase awareness and temper their arrogance
  • Fluorite – has the ability to absorb and transform negative energy into positive energy

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Virgo ♍

best crystals for virgo
Crystals for Virgo

Virgos can have a good sense of responsibility and are preoccupied with health and self-care. They love to better themselves and are hard workers. Virgos have profound thinking skills and can bond and create strong, authentic relationships.

The following crystals resonate with Virgos and can help them thrive:

  • Amazonite – helps enhance love and self-love for the self-care-oriented Virgos
  • Clear Quartz – goes well with Virgo’s deep thinking and helps with keeping the mind and intentions clear

Regarding weaknesses or less desirable qualities, Virgos can be too critical or struggle with perfectionism. They might get frustrated or disappointed when they can’t get things done as they want, but they also set high expectations. Virgos can use the following gemstones to learn
how to balance their perfectionism:

  • Larimar – has a gentle, healing, and loving energy. It can help Virgos go easy on themselves when they tend to set high expectations for what they want to achieve
  • Sunstone – can help Virgos embrace and accept making mistakes as part of becoming better

Libra ♎

best crystals for libra
Crystals for Libra

Libras are happy when they are balanced. They are cooperative and seek harmony and stability. Libra’s personality is charming and diplomatic; they work well with others and have an artistic eye.

The crystals that will resonate and highlight Libra’s positive traits are the following:

  • Hematite – is a grounding crystal that balances the body and the mind, perfect for the harmonious and collaborative Libra
  • Aventurine – matches Libra’s charismatic energy and boosts self-esteem

A Libra’s weakness is that they can be people-pleasers due to their desire to mediate or avoid conflict. They can suffer from self-sacrificing themselves too often and prioritizing other people’s needs. To avoid feeling underappreciated and set personal boundaries, Libras can use the following gemstones:

  • Tiger’s Eye – improves assertiveness and courage and gives you the energy you need to protect and prioritize yourself
  • Lepidolite – protects from negative energy, reduces anxiety and tension, and encourages self-love

Scorpio ♏

best crystals for scorpio
Crystals for Scorpio

Scorpios are passionate and powerful, similar to fire signs. They can be sensual and mysterious people and are very intuitive and clairvoyant. The best crystals for this water sign are:

  • Kyanite – this gemstone increases and maintains a Scorpio’s intuition and is a great crystal for manifesting desires
  • Unakite – a crystal of vision that activates the Third Eye chakra and stimulates compassion and gratitude

However, Scorpios can be jealous and aggressive and might be hard to deal with due to their trust issues. If you are a Scorpio, take a minute to meditate and infuse your aura with the energy of the following crystals:

  • Smokey Quartz – brings calm and serenity to the emotional turmoil Scorpios might be dealing with and can release negative energy
  • Aquamarine – soothes the mind, improves self-expression, and helps with managing negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and envy


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Sagittarius ♐

best crystals for Sagittarius
Crystals for Sagittarius

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are adventurous, curious, and flexible. They also tend to love independence and want to feel capable. The best stones for Sagittarius are the following:

  • Zoisite – will help Sagittarius manifest their true self and encourage their independence; this crystal can also protect a Sagittarius from others’ unwanted influences
  • Blue Chalcedony – encourages curiosity and creativity, keeping the mind open to new ideas

A Sagittarius can also be unstable or unreliable. They might have a sharp tongue and chaotic energy or state of mind. To balance these traits, a Sagittarius can harness the power of:

  • Labradorite – calms an agitated mind and provides stability; it can help Sagittarius stabilize their moods and reduce anxiety
  • Jade – helps release and manage negative emotions that might make you want to speak before thinking

Capricorn ♑

best crystals for Capricorn
Crystals for Capricorn

If you have Capricorn friends, you probably noticed their strong will, resilience, and goal-oriented thinking. They can be ambitious, have great focusing abilities, and won’t shy away from working hard to achieve their goals. The following crystals go well with Capricorn’s energy:

  • Green Jade – a crystal of abundance and good luck, it’s perfect for the determined and hard-working Capricorn
  • Yellow Jasper – enhances inner strength and perseverance while it attracts positive energy

On the other hand, Capricorns can work too much for their good. They can be materialistic and maybe too controlling and overly serious. The energy of the following stones can help smooth out the Capricorn’s rigidity:

  • Celestite – relaxes the body and the mind and opens the heart to new experiences
  • Rose Calcite – helps Capricorns loosen up and enjoy the present moment and teaches them to care for themselves

Aquarius ♒

Best crystals for Aquarius
Crystals for Aquarius

People born between January 20th to February 18th can be nice to have around. They are free-spirited and care for connectedness and community. They are humanitarian and have a powerful creative energy. The following stones might resonate best with their balanced traits:

They are sometimes hot-tempered and have a hard time accepting compromises. Aquarius can be overly emotional and do not want to admit when they are wrong. If you are an Aquarius, you can try these crystals to balance your weaknesses:

  • Kambaba Jasper – a stone of tranquility and peace that will help an Aquarius soothe their nerves and calm their hot temper
  • Rainforest Rhyolite – is a stone that promotes emotional balance and is great to have around when facing a confrontation

Pisces ♓

Best crystals for Pisces
Crystals for Pisces

Those born under this zodiac sign are generous and empathetic, emotionally intelligent and imaginative. They tend to be spiritual people with an appreciation for life and its lessons. The following crystals will help a Pisces thrive:

  • Chrysocolla – a stone of wisdom and understanding life lessons, great for the spiritual and profound Pisces
  • Druzy Quartz – boosts imagination and creative energy while it induces relaxation and harmony

Unfortunately, Pisces can be negatively affected by their surroundings or other people’s energies as they can be too empathetic. They might also struggle with their naive nature and can be impractical and ungrounded. These gemstones might help Pisces deal with their weaknesses:

  • Shungite – reduces oxidative stress and protects Pisces from the surrounding negative energy
  • Black Obsidian – carries grounding and protective energy and heals emotional wounds

About the author

Xenia Mateiu is fascinated by crystals’ abilities to support our energy and help us develop into better versions of ourselves. She founded Village Rock Shop, a gift shop in Carlsbad, California, that specializes in gemstones, crystals and geodes, and many other locally handcrafted products. Her shop gives Xenia an opportunity to share her passion and knowledge with others.

Crystals for each zodiac sign

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