How to make crystal infused water (and why it’s awesome)

Crystal-infused water is an excellent all-natural elixir to help our bodies feel spiritually at peace and strong. People have been drinking gem-infused water for thousands of years to promote spiritual and physical health.

How to make crystal infused water

At From Molly With Love, we use reiki-charged, crystal-infused water for all of our skincare products that require a little agua (like our chakra sprays and white sage smudge spray).
The idea is to place a crystal at the bottom of your drinking water and let the energy from it pervade your beverage.
  • If you’re looking to enhance your “self-love,” put a rose quartz crystal in your water.
  • If you want to balance your body energetically and boost your immunity, try adding a clear quartz crystal to your pitcher.
  • If you’re looking for more abundance in your life, try adding a citrine or garnet stone to your water.
The most important thing you will need to do before adding the crystal to your water is to spend time with the stone in your hands. Set your intention and imagine white light surrounding your fingertips and enveloping the crystal. Visualize what you would like to change within your body, your spirit and your life. Once you’ve done this work, you can begin the process of making crystal-infused water.
You’re ready to be the best version of you!

A word of warning — 

be careful about the type of crystals you use for crystal-infused water. Some gems are not safe to place in water. It is essential to research the various crystal properties before you craft your own crystal-infused water. Some crystals are toxic if used in this manner.

For example, do not use Tiger’s Eye for your crystal-infused water, because it may contain asbestos. It’s safest to begin with a clear quartz crystal-infused water.

How to make crystal-infused water

  • Before placing your crystal in your water pitcher, first soak the stone in cold salt water for three days.
  • Some people recommend leaving it out for three days under a full moon to soak up the lunar energy.
  • After soaking your stone, it’s ready to place in a pitcher of (preferably filtered) water. Leave it in the pitcher overnight. After the water has had time to interact with the stone, you can begin drinking this magical mixture.
You may find that the water tastes a little sweeter than regular water. This is because it’s absorbing the elements from the crystal it’s interacting with. The texture of the water may feel different as well — this is all within the range of normal. The crystal is doing its work on you and your body!
You’ll be able to tell when your crystal needs a recharge when the water loses its different taste. When you need to re-energize your crystal, simply remove from the water and re-soak it in cool salt water as you did before. Allow the lunar energy of the full moon to help your crystal do its best work.
Now it’s up to you to figure out what you’d like to manifest in your life. Think hard about what’s missing, and choose a crystal that will help you achieve your goal. Remember, you can heal from the inside with the help of these precious gems on your side.
love, molly

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  1. iv been soaking a few rose quartz jade eggs before using them and the water they have been in is very pink! I even changed the water a couple times… is this normal?

    • If the water turned colors, the Crystal has dye in it. So, you should not use this water. You should get a different crystal.

      • Yes, your stone is definitely dyed. The safest bet is to use a clear quartz crystal. By the way, there is no such thing as “a rose quartz jade egg”. Quartz and jade are two completely different minerals, and to the best of my knowledge, there is no thing such as pink jade. If you are not totally familiar with the stones, have someone who is help you with purchasing real stones, especially if you plan to purchase anything online. There is so much fake stuff online that even I have fallen victim, and I have been buying and selling rocks for over 30 years.

  2. Thank you so much for info Molly! do you know of a list of stones to avoid because of their toxicity, I can not find one?

  3. I used Mountain valley spring water that has lots of minerals will this
    Remove the minerals

    • If you leave an elite shungite in your water for 3 days it shuld absorb impurity’s from your water. Other than that I don’t think crystals will take anything out of the water.

  4. Hi can black obsidian be placed in water to make crystal water. I have also been told that the quartz family are not suitable as they give off dust.

  5. This crystal-infused water is a great way to connect with your body and work closely with your own healing energy. They are truly a healing path to take you on the inner journey that is calling within you!

  6. I just received some rose quartz crystals that have sand stains and have soaked them in bleach, next step vinegar. If the sand stains don’t come off I still intend on using them but I guess I should soak them in regular water for a few nights before attempting to make my crystal water. Thoughts?

  7. The indirect Method is simple, safe and easy. Just touch 3-5 crystals around the base of a bottle overnight, and with intent this charges the water. Good spring water is best. Gem water is best diluted, and crystals never have to be in water at all, they only need to touch the base of a bottle. Many stones have toxic varnish such as clear nail polish and many can’t be inside water.
    With the Indirect Method there’s a unlimited possible number of combination one can make and you learn more about the mineral realm as well.

  8. Crystals are not required to touch water for the energy to be carried into water at all, you can simply touch a few around the base of a bottle with intent overnight, the energy still goes into the water, this is called the Indirect method, and gem water diluted is more effective.

  9. Is rainbow fluorite safe crystal for crystal infused water?? If yes whats is the process for it. Same as infuse in salt water for 3 days. Etc!!??

  10. garnet contains aluminum which will toxify the water. Garnets are a great pocket stone for grounding but not for water.

  11. HoW big do the crystals need be I bought one quartz and one citrine but the are small

  12. I’m studying to be a reiki master. I would like to use a amethyst Stone in making my drinking water. What amethyst be safe

  13. Thanks Molly for the insight!
    I have been switching up between on my clear and rose quarts while recharging them. I truly feel a difference in my daily interactions with stress and a sense of centered calmness

  14. I have put amethyst stone in my water tank to charge the water. Is it the correct way to charge water?? Should I keep it in the tank (do not remove stone and go on adding water as quantity of water reduce) plz guide me. I am using charged water for first time. Guide me.

  15. I have put amethyst stone in my water tank to charge the water. Is it the correct way to charge water?? Should I keep it in the tank (do not remove stone and go on adding water as quantity of water reduce) plz guide me. I am using charged water for first time. Guide me. u have not replied to my query

  16. Why won’t you just tell people to use the indirect method, it’s simply placing 3-5 crystals touching the base so they are always located outside of the water and with one’s intent this still structures and charges the water.

  17. Wondering about adding Doterra essential oils which are ok to ingest into the water in glass crystal water bottles? Do the oils affect the crystal wand in any way? I have Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst & Obsidian Glass Water Bottles.

  18. Hi, if I am making DIY Air Fresheners and want to have crystals in the water part of my blend, before adding the water to the rest of the mix, will it have any benefits to the finished product? I am making Sage Air Fresheners.