New Year, New You: Heal Yourself From the Outside In

It’s the new year and you want to show the world the best version of you. The first thing people see when they meet you is your face. That’s why it’s important to take the best care of your visage as possible.


But skin care goes beyond the surface.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”exP7w” via=”no” ]Your skin directly absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it. What you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream.[/ctt]


That’s why my personal skin care resolution for the new year is to heal my body from the outside IN.


Many of us are concerned about what we put IN our bodies. We avoid processed foods, try to buy local and organic, and eat our veggies. But when it comes to skin care, we often put the WORST things on our skin. It’s time to start considering that what we put ON our bodies also impacts our health.


Just because a product is on the shelf doesn’t mean that it’s safe. And just because a product is labeled “natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean that it actually is. The entire beauty industry is almost completely unregulated. Consider this:

  • Besides color additives, no product or ingredient requires FDA approval before going to market.
  • The FDA does not oversee or set testing standards for the safety of a product before it goes on the shelves.
  • The FDA cannot recall a beauty product that is unsafe for use.
  • One-third of a product legally labelled “natural” can be comprised of synthetic ingredients.
  • Certified organic products don’t have to be 100 percent organic.
  • Any product can be labelled hypoallergenic. That term holds no meaning whatsoever.


My aim is not to scare you but to illustrate that you are likely harming your health every time you use a skin care product purchased from your local drugstore.


But the silver lining is – if you can harm your body through skin care, you can also heal your body.



There are many natural herbs and tonics that can heal your skin and body in a 1-2 punch. Here are a few you should keep on hand:


Apple Cider Vinegar


This magic elixir is responsible to healing many of our body’s ailments. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can be used as excellent facial cleanser or toner. For sensitive skin, combine one tablespoon of raw ACV with four tablespoons of water. Apply this mixture as a to your face as a facial astringent. It will remove any dirt and prevent against future breakouts.



heal from the outside in

During the wintertime, our skin can be affected easily by the harsh cold winds. Pick up some chamomile essential oil to keep in the house to soothe your skin from eczema and redness. This essential oil can also be combined with jojoba or lavender oil to soothe your skin from winter’s harsh winds.


You can also keep dried chamomile in your pantry to brew as tea. The tea can not only be used as a calming agent, but also as a facial toner. Brew the chamomile tea, cool it to room temperature and apply to your face to cleanse. And yes, your skin will soak in the healing and calming properties of the chamomile – just as if you were to drink it!



heal from the outside in

Lavender oil is an excellent remedy for our skin particularly in the wintertime. It can be used to soothe dry itchy scalp. Lavender oil is excellent at treating sunburns. If you’re into winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, it’s still possible to be affected by the sun’s harsh rays. Combine a tablespoon of coconut oil with two drops of lavender oil and apply to the affected area. Not only will it treat your sunburn with its antibacterial properties, but you’ll smell amazing.




Calendula is regularly available in oil and cream for the skin. This herb is effective at treating dry chapped skin, which is a big issue in the wintertime. It can also effectively heal bruises and help heal strained muscles. After you take a tumble on that ski slope, apply some calendula oil or cream to decrease inflammation and swelling.




It’s a new year and you’re a year older. Our confidence is increased when we appear youthful. This youthful glow is made possible by Frankincense. Frankincense oil is wonderful at preventing wrinkles and helping to mask dark spots on the skin. It also helps to make dull skin appear more vibrant. This wonder oil is effective at reducing the appearances of blemishes and helps our skin appear fresh and young.


Try our organic eye serum with Frankincense oil:


Natural Face Cleanser Plus Moisturizer


Here’s an idea for a natural face cleanser using items you probably have in your house.


You only need two ingredients:


  • Coffee grounds
  • Coconut oil


Take a tablespoon of coffee and combine with a teaspoon of coconut oil. You can get a giant container of the stuff at Trader Joe’s for $10. Mix the coffee and the coconut oil and booyah! You’ve got a homemade exfoliating face wash that moisturizes your face at the same time. I recommend washing your face in the shower with this mixture so the coffee ground don’t get all over your sink. The grounds will remove dead skin and the coconut oil leaves your skin feeling moisturized.


These are just a few herbal remedies to keep you looking youthful in the wintertime. Stay warm and remember to moisturize!

love, molly

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