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self care challenge

Women are preyed upon every day by media and advertisements. Covers of magazines, television shows, and advertisements suggest that we’re not thin enough, not pretty enough, not young enough, not white enough, that somehow, we’re not enough.

Then, to “fix” ourselves, we’re sold products laced with toxic chemicals.

Companies are profiting from our self-hatred. 

It’s like being double-poisoned.

And I’m sick of it.

That’s why self-care is a survival skill, not an indulgence. Loving yourself is an act of resistance. When you make loving yourself a priority, you’re saying NO to the messages suggesting that you’re not enough. And you’re saying, YES, I deserve better.

So many of us know that self-care is important. But I often hear women tell me that they don’t have time for it, or worse, they feel guilty indulging in self-care practices.

That’s why I have created a 7-day Radical Self-Care Challenge for the month of June.

Join the FREE 7-Day Radical Self Care Challenge

Each day, you will receive an email with one small self-care act to complete. These challenges will take you less than 15 minutes each day, but will have a big impact, especially if you repeat them over time.

To spread the message of self-care and to create community, you’ll be encouraged to share your photos and experiences via social media, using the hashtag #radicalselfcarechallenge.

I will be participating along with you – and who knows? Maybe I’ll share your photo!

self care challenge

I was originally going to host this challenge from June 5 – 12, but I opted to open it up for the entire month of June. I can’t wait to see what we create together!

Join the FREE 7-Day Radical Self Care Challenge

love, molly

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