Love & Rally: Doing the Work That You Love is a Form of Self Care

work and self care

…On Mondays, we love and rally. 

Work and Self Care

Anna North wrote this incredible piece for the New York Times recently about how work is her self care. She points out that if we had jobs that we loved, we wouldn’t need so much self soothing. PREAAAACH!!!

What she wants is for all women, and for everybody, to be afforded the privilege and the luxury of being able to do work that they love. Like, people wouldn’t need so many coping mechanisms in order to survive, because their job is so good that it doesn’t kill them.

It was like an anti-capitalist argument in a way, which was like if we had jobs that we loved those jobs would be acts of self care. They would light us up. We would feel great.

work and self care

So I’ve been thinking about work as a form of self care. How do we encourage people to get there, and how do we change the system so that that’s possible? Because obviously, not everyone is Ivanka Trump and privileged enough to start their own company or just up and quit jobs that they hate.

I don’t have the answers, but it’s something that I’m still chewing on. I would love to hear your thoughts.

love, molly

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