Love & Rally: Your Body Does Not Have to Look or Perform a Certain Way to Be Loved

…On Mondays, we love and rally. 

Your body does not have to look or perform a certain way to be loved.

Disclaimer: this one’s a bit graphic. 

I’ve got a question for you: why do we all wax or shave our vaginas?

It’s a huge pain in the ass. When I get a wax, it hurts like hell. When I shave, it also hurts like hell because I get GIANT ingrown hairs. At some point I truly asked myself, “Why am I putting myself through this shit?”

I’m putting myself through it because I’ve always believed that romantic partners would like me more if I were bare down there.

And because porn.

I realized that the patriarchy had done a number on my nether-regions in more ways than one.

So I stopped obsessing over having a perfect, bare vagina. I stopped inflicting pain on myself to fit in. And guess what? The world didn’t end.

As I pondered the politics of shaved pussies, I also considered feminine products. On my quest to phase out personal care products containing toxic chemicals, I threw out my old tampons and replaced them with organic, natural cotton tampons. Apparently Tampax and Kotex are loaded with bleach, chemicals, and fragrances.

Yup – you’re putting that toxic shit in your vagina, where it’s being directly absorbed into your bloodstream. Yummy.

I looked at the ingredients on the box of tampons and wondered, “why does my vagina need to be fragranced during my period?” Is it because a bleeding vagina is disgusting? Because last time I checked, a bleeding vagina was a god damned miracle of nature.

So – no, you do not need to shave or falsely sanitize your “dirty pussy” with fragrance in order to be lovable. You are perfect just the way you are.

love, molly

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