Love & Rally: Self Love is an Action

self love is an action

…On Mondays, we love and rally. 

Self love is an action.

When I talk about self-love, some people roll their eyes.

Or some folks feel inadequate because they’re a world away from feeling “lovey dovey” about themselves.

So I think it’s important to make the distinction between the feeling of self-love and the practice of self-love.

I am not literally “in love with myself.” I don’t often get the warm and fuzzies for myself.

But I DO love myself. And I know this because I take consistent action for self-care on a regular basis.

I listen to my body and what it needs. If it needs me to be gentle with it, I am gentle with it. If it needs to be pushed, I push. I prioritize pleasure. I protect my energy and attention from toxic messages. I admire things about myself everyday. I practice gratitude. I spend time doing things that light my soul on fire – even if only of five minutes each day.

THAT’s self love.

You don’t necessarily need to feel infatuation for yourself. Self-love is an action.

love, molly

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