Customer Question: Should I Buy the Beauty Oil or the Maracuja Oil?

Beauty oil

We got a great customer question today: Should I Buy the Beauty Oil or the Maracuja Oil?

Do you find yourself wondering what the difference is between these oils – or which one is right for you? If so, read on.

Here is the question we received from one of our customers today:

“Love your Beauty Oil, use it daily – morning and sometimes at night. Other nights, I use a night cream I make. I love what it has done for my skin, how it smells and just everything about it. Now here is my question. What is the biggest difference between that oil and your Maracuja Oil? How would I use them differently if I owned both? Or what is each oil’s benefits and what does one oil do but not the other?”


Beauty oil


Here was our response: 

Good question Rachelle!

The Maracuja Oil is a more highly concentrated oil. It is the highest source of linolic acid in the world, meaning that it is super light & absorbs quickly into the skin but is still packed with nutrients. (contrast that against coconut oil, which is the opposite). I recommend the Maracuja Oil for people who are concerned with aging and wrinkles – or for folks who have super oily skin.

The Beauty Oil is an amazing oil for all skintypes – and it’s still concentrated with nutrients, but less so compared to the Maracuja. Also note that the Maracuja Oil is unscented, whereas the Beauty Oil has that lovely floral scent.

At the end of the day, it’s up to personal preference. Some people own both and use them on alternated days. Other people just stick with one. I like the Beauty Oil for day and the Maracuja Oil for night. The Beauty Oil scent is invigorating in the morning, where I know the Maracuja is going to work double time for me overnight. Hope that helps!

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At the end of the day, our goal is provide more options for folks who have different skincare needs. While most of our products work well for all skin types, we are striving to introduce specialty products that tackle individual skin issues. The Maracuja Oil is one example (best for super oily or “mature” skin). The Rosehip Carrot Seed Serum is another (best for fighting wrinkles).

If you have any further questions about these products or any others – please message us via our Facebook page or shoot an email to

beauty oil
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