Valentine’s Day Self-Love Ritual

Valentine's Day self-love ritual

Take time for yourself with this Valentine’s Day self-love ritual

I recently started seeing a Chinese medicine doctor & acupuncturist. She’s like a wizard, and I feel like I have a spiritual awakening and physical healing every time I see her. Earlier this week she said something to me that has stuck with me:

“You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness.”

I’ve heard the phrase before, but this was the first time I really took the time to think about it. I realized: no one person can make me happy 100% of the time. Not my dogs, not my husband, not my friends, not my family.

The focus on Valentine’s Day is so often outside of ourselves. We are looking to get and gift presents to our loved ones. We pin all of our hopes and dreams on one person. And we often bend over backwards to please them, annihilating our personal boundaries in the process. But what about ourselves?

How much time have you actually spent LOVING yourself on Valentine’s Day? Because at the end of the day, your happiness is the ONLY one you’re responsible for.

Valentine’s Day Self-Love Ritual

Regardless of whether you’re single, taken, or somewhere in between, we could all use a nice treat for ourselves, because at the end of the day, we are in relationship with ourselves for our entire lives.

We invite you to start (or continue) a new Valentine’s Day self-love ritual. It can look like whatever you want…but we’ve pulled this suggested ritual together for you in case you’d like to try it on.

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valentine's day self-love ritual

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