From Molly With Love Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

San Diego, Calif., (January 7, 2019)From Molly With Love launched an IndieGoGo campaign today to improve product quality, speed shipping times, and improve customer service. From Molly With Love produces all-natural skincare, bath & body, and aromatherapy products at an affordable price point and has the aim to empower women and end “beauty shaming” in the industry.

From Molly With Love IndieGoGo

Jobless after a decade-long career in marketing, and freshly out of rehab for alcoholism, Molly Beane started From Molly With Love (FMWL) on Etsy from the kitchen of her 500-square foot apartment with in August 2016.

From the beginning, Molly’s aim has been to provide luxury, high-performing skincare at an affordable price point. She also felt passionately about tackling “beauty shaming” from within the beauty industry. Molly decided that the brand wouldn’t use terms like “anti-aging,” would provide uplifting messages to women about self-love/self-care, and would feature diverse models in the brand’s marketing. The price point & messaging has helped FMWL grow rapidly year-over-year. Less than three years post-launch, the brand sells product in hundreds of retailers, including Urban Outfitters, Francesca’s, The Detox Market, and more.

“I have been a skincare junkie for years,” said Molly Beane, founder and CEO of From Molly With Love. “However, I noticed two things about the beauty industry that I wanted to change. First, I am passionate about “clean,” natural skincare, but most of the “natural” products on the market were either extremely expensive and cost-prohibitive to many, or they simply weren’t effective. Second, I noticed that much of the marketing in the beauty industry preyed upon insecurities, either by using terms like ‘anti-aging,’ or by using young, mostly-white, thin models, which upholds a very limited notion of what beauty is. That’s why I started From Molly With Love. I wanted to create a modern, all-natural skincare line that is affordable, uplifting, and intersectional.”

From Molly With Love offers a full-line of 40+ SKUs, including face washes, toners, serums, masks, scrubs, deodorant, bath salts, moisturizers, oils, and aromatherapy sprays. Most of the products can be used for multiple purposes. For example, From Molly With Love’s best-selling Beauty Oil can be used on the face, hair, body, and cuticles. The brand also carries a line of chakra sprays and a white sage spray for meditators and yogis. The products are free of parabens, sulfates, silicone, and other nasties, and are certified “cruelty-free” by PETA.

From Molly With Love grew by 171% in 2017 and 100% in 2018. Because the company is bootstrapped without significant capital, FMWL is going through “growing pains,” which has caused delays in shipping times, among other challenges.

“Our customers are the center of everything we do,” said Molly. “As we grow, we need capital to improve our facilities, stock up on inventory, and create efficiencies in our workflow so we can speed shipping times and improve customer service.”

From Molly With Love has more than a dozen exciting perks on IndieGoGo, including gift baskets of their best-selling products, merch, 50% off discounts, and even dinner with the founder.

For more information, visit, From Molly With Love’s IndieGoGo campaign, or download the press kit here.




About From Molly With Love:

From Molly With Love is redefining beauty standards with all-natural skincare products for the modern woman. With an extensive 40-SKU product line, and customer education that empowers women to reject “beauty shaming,” From Molly With Love has built a powerful, “unapologetically feminist” brand community (#endbeautyshaming). After a decade-long career in marketing, Molly Beane started the company to address a whitespace in the beauty industry. “Companies in the beauty industry are missing a vital opportunity in today’s social climate,” explains Molly. “The modern woman no longer wants to be treated like an object. She demands more from the companies she shops from. We’re here to give her what she’s asking for.” Today, From Molly With Love uses inclusive, empowering, and feminist messaging to help women identify and resist toxic beauty messaging. Learn more or shop at


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