8 Tips on How to Get Your Pearly Whites

pearly whites

As you go about your day chatting, chewing and laughing, you probably don’t give your teeth much thought. Not only do you use your teeth to chew and talk; they also have an impact on your overall look and can make or break your appearance.

Below are 8 useful tips on how to keep your pearly whites healthy and in great shape.

1. A white teeth diet does wonders

If you are into the habit of quaffing lots of red wine or smoke cigars or cigarettes, then you should not expect pearly white results. Other culprits that cause stained teeth include gravies, dark juices, and colas. Brush your teeth immediately after consuming or drinking foods, which are likely to stain teeth and pay your dentist a visit for teeth cleaning.

2. Eat detergent’ foods

Crisp or firm foods clean your teeth as you eat them. For instance, apples are a great choice considered nature’s toothbrush. Other food choices include popcorn, celery, and raw carrots. Eat the detergent’ foods as your final meal, especially if you don’t plan on brushing your teeth immediately after eating.

pearly whites

3. Brush teeth with a mix of baking soda

Removes stains and whitens your teeth in the process. Therefore, just use baking soda in a similar way to toothpaste once each week. Make sure you spit it out; otherwise, it’ll count as your sodium intake.

4. Avoid the sticky snacks

If you love to eat sticky, gummy foods, including fruit leather, raisins, or taffy more times than you should, then you’ll be doing your teeth a great disservice. The specialists from AuraGlow.com say that each time you eat something with sugar or carbohydrates, it makes an acid 20 minutes later and erodes the tooth structure.


5. Floss whenever you can

Practice flossing with your eyes shut. If you can do this comfortably without having to guide yourself in a mirror, then it’ll be easier for you to floss at your office desk, just before you attend important meetings, in your car, and in bed.

6. Drink plenty of water

It is easy to overlook at the close link between physical health and overall dental health. Remember, your teeth will look healthier when you strive to keep yourself healthy. Keep your mouth moist by drinking enough water throughout the day to prevent the possibility of tooth decay.

7. Stay fresh

If you suspect your breath doesn’t smell so fresh, it is time to freshen up with a sugar-free mint breath. While you can shop for a good mouthwash, it is important that you opt for the alcohol-free variants to prevent drying of the mouth.

8. Schedule dental appointments

Schedule dental appointments at least twice each year for professional cleaning. Besides performing a thorough clean of your teeth, a lot of issues can be averted as well through these appointments.


If you wish to keep your pearly whites in excellent shape, you can apply the tips suggested above. Remember, taking the time to prevent potential problems is the best way to keep your teeth strong and healthy. So, implement the tips suggested for whiter, healthier teeth!

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