Know Your Worth: 6 Encouraging Ways to Start Practicing Self-Love

Start Practicing Self Love

Self-love is the foundation of happiness. When you practice self-love, you are investing in your personal development. Without self-love, your success in all areas of life will be limited. According to Psychology Today, research on self-compassion proves that it is associated with having less anxiety and depression. It also states that self-love allows for healthy behavior changes and recovery from stress.

Create Gratitude

Start Practicing Self Love

When you are grateful, you’re less likely to feel anger or self-hate. Many personal development gurus will encourage you to fake it until you make it, but this article should help you develop the tools needed to embody self-love. Start with gratitude. No matter your schedule looks like, start your day with a list of things that you are grateful to have in your life. Then, write one thing that you love about yourself. It does not matter whether it is something small or large, because everything about you can be significant. Practice gratitude daily, and you will see it manifest in your life.

Develop Beauty Self-Esteem

Start Practicing Self Love

If your beauty self-esteem is low, your self-love is far from its full potential. Instead of spending hours scrolling through social media with envy, take the time to appreciate your own beauty. Treat your body like it is your most prized possession. Start making better, healthier choices. Of course, changing habits will not happen overnight, but you can start small. Incorporate more greens and nutrient-rich foods in your meals. Drink more water. Take 10 minutes out of your day and exercise. After you start implementing these small changes, you will may start to feel better about yourself. By taking ownership of your body, you will embrace the beauty that radiates from you.

Put on Rose-Colored Glasses

Some people say that they are not pessimists but realists. However, very few say that they are optimists. Studies show that optimists live longer lives than pessimists. They also live happier lives and accumulate less stress, allowing them to lead healthier lives. By embracing optimism, you will start to discover self-love. Instead of thinking about everything that went wrong today, think about everything that was a success. If you come up short, look in the mirror and realize that being alive is a success. Once you understand that your life is precious, you will develop the confidence to improve your life.


Start Practicing Self Love

Holding onto resentment is a sign that you are lacking self-love. If you care of your wellbeing, you will have no space in your heart for a grudge. Practice forgiveness. Forgive yourself for making mistakes, and then forgive others for making them as well. By doing this, you will allow yourself to be free of feelings of anger, hurt and pain. The only way to receive love is to give love. Practice giving love to others and yourself through the act of forgiveness and self-acceptance.

I’m Feelin’ Myself

Start Practicing Self Love

Boost your self-esteem by doing an activity that you excel in, specifically one that you enjoy. Practice confidence by saying words of affirmation to yourself. You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you a compliment. Grow your self-love by complimenting yourself. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to someone who admire. What would you say to them? How would you say it to them? Would the words be sincere? After you compliment yourself, feel the words and embrace the feeling of confidence. By acknowledging your strengths in a positive light, you will develop a stronger sense of self and power.

Follow Your Passion

Start Practicing Self Love

Create self-love by following your passion. The pursuit of your dreams will allow you to search within yourself for all the missing pieces to achieve success. On your journey to success, you will encounter both obstacles and triumphs. However, it is how you respond to the difficulties that will shape you. Your drive for your passion will awaken the feeling of love from within.

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While self-love is not an excuse for avoiding self-improvement, it is the foundation for your confidence to create change in your life. By accepting yourself fully, you can love who you are as well as who you are becoming as you grow. Loving yourself will allow you the freedom to conquer your hopes and dreams without fear of failure. When you radiate self-love from the inside out, you will attract more positive people into your life from friends to a new love. Believing in yourself will allow your future to shine brighter than you could have ever imagined.

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