FMWL Behind the Scenes, Meet Amber Bustamante

FMWL behind the scenes

Hi beauties! I wanted to show a bit more about FMWL Behind the Scenes because now, From Molly With Love is actually “From Molly With Love and team.”

I believe that recognizing our team‘s work is super important. As a boss, I could do more of that. So here is the first in series where you’ll learn more about the people who make up Team FMWL behind the scenes.

Amber does a little bit of everything around here, as we all do. But her superhero strength is in organization and seeing things that need to be done before I do.

She also helps produce, pack, and ship your products; assists with product development & testing; maintains and monitors inventory and supply levels; and helps me coordinate any number of initiatives. She has been with us longer than any other employee – since December of 2017! She’s seen From Molly With Love change considerably since then and has rolled with the punches ever since.

This is Amber and me exhibiting at the Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles.

FMWL Behind the Scenes

She thinks of things I would have never considered. She’s proactive and makes suggestions for how to improve. And she’s an incredible leader who the team listens to and respects. I adore her.

She and our other team members picked up a lot of my slack while I was recovering from my brain injury last year. I am forever grateful to them and I feel blessed to have the best team EVER. So let’s learn more, shall we?

Name: Amber Rose Bustamante

Where are you from?: San Diego, California

What do you do at FMWL? Considering we are a small startup, I do a little bit of everything. But I am the deodorant czar. 🙂

Astrological sign? Libra

Fun / Interesting fact about you: King Kamehameha is my ancestor on my father’s side, Billy the Kid on my mom’s side.

When do you feel the most beautiful?: When I regularly practice yoga I feel strong and beautiful.

What’s your favorite place to be? I really love traveling somewhere new! But I also love being at home. There is a balance.

What can’t you live without? My friends and family.

What are you passionate about? Art, yoga, and my dogs.

Favorite FMWL product: Our Skin Magic Moisturizer.

Amber started her career in the service industry and she brings all of that skill and foresight to From Molly With Love. She is not only the brute force behind creating many of our products, but she finds new ways to speed processes, organize our office, and make things run more efficiently. More than anything, she’s super humble – and will probably blush while reading all of this. 🙂

She also has an incredible energy to be around – she’s chill but present, focused and empathetic.

But Amber completely represents the ethos of what we’re about at FMWL. She believes in inclusivity, the importance of self-care, social justice; and is passionate about our mission and our products. Her artistic side, good taste, thoughtfulness, and care go into everything we touch.

love, molly

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