Spring Self-Care 101

Spring Self-Care 101

The new season is here and we are ringing in spring. With the good weather on the rise and flowers blooming, it reminds us of our usual springtime rituals like spring cleaning, opening the pool, having a barbeque, or spending more time outside. This spring add a new ritual to your celebration of the new season by practicing more self-care. Now is the perfect time to evaluate and take a look at your lifestyle. With winter ending you may be coming out of your seasonal depression. That being said, take this time to reflect on how you can take care of yourself this spring.

Spring Self-Care Practices

Clean Up Your Space

Spring cleaning is no joke and can be a lot to handle. However, once you’ve finished your house feels completely refreshed. Get a fresh start this spring by cleaning up your space. No matter how big or small your living space is, clean it thoroughly. That means wiping the baseboards and clearing the cobwebs. This may be a large task to take on but the end result will be worth it. Making your house clutter-free, comfortable, and clean will make it an easier space for you to relax. It will be easy for you to feel comfortable and calm when in you’re at home.

Spring Self-Care 101

Another way you can clean up your space is by going through your closet. Declutter your clothes by taking the time to separate clothes into different organized piles. Create a pile of clothes to donate that don’t fit you anymore or ones that don’t bring you joy. Then make another pile of clothes you haven’t worn in a while but want to give a second chance. Make a final pile for your favorite clothing items that you are definitely keeping. Take this opportunity to reorganize your closet by neatly hanging your clothes and putting them in color-coded order, for example.

Not only is your closet an easy space to get cluttered, but so is your vanity or cabinet underneath the bathroom sink. Start by clearing everything out and organizing items into piles by category. For example, put hair accessories in one pile, nail polish and other nail accessories in another, and makeup in a final pile. Be sure to check the expiration date on any beauty products you own. Toss out your old products and be ready to purchase new ones. This is a good opportunity for you to experiment with any new products you have been looking forward to trying. You can also take this time to try some new skincare products like a toner rich in vitamin C to help with hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C Toner


Check-In With Your Well-Being

Now that winter has come to an end, take some time to check in on your mental health. A lot of people experience seasonal depression and have a rough time getting through the colder and darker months of the year. That being said, spring is a great time to do a check-in. If you have been experiencing depression or anxiety and feel like professional help is needed, try opening up and booking a session with an online psychiatrist. A mental health professional will be able to help you with coping strategies and hopefully start to improve your mental wellness over time. Some coping strategies you can try include journaling, meditation, and grounding techniques. A psychiatrist might suggest some of the same coping mechanisms as well as some others that might help you.

Spring Self-Care 101

In addition to your mental health, the spring season is a good time for you to also check in with your physical health. If your lifestyle has been lacking daily movement or consistent exercise, try to reincorporate that back into your routine. Getting in some sort of activity every day is very beneficial for your overall health and wellness. Along with exercise, try getting into the routine of preparing nutritious and healthy meals. Combining clean eating and daily exercise will set you up for you a healthy body this spring. A healthy body can also contribute to better mental health; therefore why not get in some simple movement? Taking a walk around the block will suffice and will give you some time to reflect and refresh your mind and wake up your body.

Sacred Self Care

Get In Some Me-Time

Self Care is Sacred

It can be rare these days to have a minute alone or find a moment of peace. With busy schedules, work, family, and other commitments, having some me-time might not be at the top of your priority list. However, it really should be. Taking some me-time every now and then is a good thing and is very beneficial for your mental well-being. Take this as an opportunity to enjoy one of your favorite hobbies. Try something new that you have always wanted to learn, like tennis or gardening.

Me-time should be a regularly scheduled block of time for you to enjoy. No matter what brings you peace of mind, find the calm within the storm and cherish it. It’s not often that we can get a moment to ourselves, so if you schedule it be sure to never take it for granted.

Make self-care a priority this spring. Clean your space, reevaluate your physical and mental health, and take some time for yourself. Enjoy the new season and refresh your lifestyle.

love, molly

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