From Molly With Love

 M E E T  O U R  T E A M

We’re like F A M I L Y at From Molly With Love.

Yes, there’s the creative product development, formulations, procurement, project management production, shipping, customer service, marketing, and sales. But there is also mutual respect, trust, and transparency. We support each other, we’re flexible, and not afraid of change. Yes, we’re a start-up, but self-care comes first. There are very few 60-hour weeks around these parts and we make time for play every day. Oh yeah, and we pay our people a living wage because we believe that PEOPLE are just as important as PROFITS. We small, mighty, and growing.

We are Team FMWL.

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Molly Beane

a word from our founder

I created From Molly With Love, because I wanted to solve two problems:

  • Clean beauty (or all-natural/non-toxic beauty) is TOO EXPENSIVE!
  • Self-hatred is a multi-billion dollar industry. From an early age, girls are exposed to media depicting warped views of the female body. Over time, this exposure hard-wires their brain to believe in toxic, un-obtainable beauty standards. I wanted to create a beauty company that was INCLUSIVE because I believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

We don’t use terms like “anti-aging” or anything else to prey upon your self-esteem to make a buck. Instead, we encourage using our products for self-love and self-care. We feature a diverse array of models in our marketing. Beauty doesn’t have to look one way. And EVERYONE should have access to clean beauty. With us, you get the luxury look, feel, and results at an affordable price. 

Operations, human resources, production, shipping, customer service and lots of other things. 

Julia Levine

Production manager, shipping, product development, office administration, and lots of other things. 

Amber Bustamante

Managing partner, procurement, finance, sales, and lots of other things. 

Linda Kuhr

Want to work with us?

Do you want to be part of Team FMWL? We will be hiring for a number of positions soon. To learn more, click to button below to see our current job listings.

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