Essence – The Skincare Step that You’re Missing, but Shouldn’t Be


Originally pioneered in Korea, essence combines the effects of a toner and serum together. I traveled to Seoul in 2015 and fell in love with all things K-Beauty, including essence. I was skeptical, but when I added this step to my skin care routine, I saw dramatic improvements in the hydration, texture, and brightness of my skin.

To learn more about essence and why it should be a part of your skincare routine, keep reading.


What is an Essence?

Often described as the foundation of Korean skincare, essence is a traditional skincare product that’s designed to hydrate, heal, repair, and promote healthy skin. It’s been used in Korea and other Asian countries for decades. However, essence just recently made its way over to the Western world, where it’s now being used by countless women of all skin types.

Essence’s primary purpose is to promote healthy skin. Rather than just coating the surface of the skin, essence is delivered into the pores where they work from the inside out.

I use an essence after my toner, before my serum and/or moisturizer. So the sequence looks like this:

Essence “preps” the skin for all the other good stuff you’re about to put on top of it. It helps it absorb into the skin much more effectively than it would without it.

Benefits of Essence

Essence works to hydrate and prevent skin dryness by settling deep into the pores. When skin becomes excessively dry, it’s more likely to itch, peel and sustain injury (including stretch marks). You can protect against problems such as these by hydrating your skin on a daily basis – and essence can help. It goes beyond the effects of moisturizing lotions and creams to make skin hydrated and healthy.

Another benefit of essence is its ability to balance the skin’s pH levels. Ideally, your skin should maintain a pH level of approximately 5.5, making it somewhat acidic. Maintaining this pH is important, as it prevents dryness while also regulating oil production (sebum). With its blend of beneficial ingredients, essence keeps your skin’s pH levels in check.

Furthermore, essence can make your skin look younger and more vibrant. Depending on the specific type, some essence products are designed to target wrinkles and fine lines. It doesn’t necessarily eliminate wrinkles, but it can shrink and minimize their appearance.

“It’s like K-Beauty and La Mer had a baby”

That’s how I describe our Sea Kelp Bioferment Essence.

It was formulated with some of the same natural ingredients that can be found in Creme de la Mer, which retails for over $400. You get those same benefits in an innovative form for a fraction of the price. We tested our essence for months before finalizing the formula and it produces incredible results for our customers.

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