About Mother’s Day

Hey beauties!

So….Mother’s Day is coming up. I have a complicated relationship with this holiday.

  1. It seems a bit condescending. We should appreciate the work women do every single day; not create some capitalist holiday that pretends to value them.
  2. Not everyone has a mother.
  3. Not everyone has a relationship with their mother.
  4. Some people (like me) want to be mothers but can’t.

I end up celebrating Mother’s Day despite my issues with the holiday, though. Here’s why: Mothers are trained to put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. They are self-sacrificing and yet often shamed for not sacrificing enough. Their work is underestimated and undervalued. Even if it’s not enough — They deserve this.

But it can be an emotionally charged holiday for a lot of people and I think that’s important to recognize.

So I’d like to make this Mother’s Day more about celebrating all the women in my life, especially if they have biological children, but even if they don’t. If you agree, we’ve created two special Mother’s Day Gift Bundles for you this year:


Your momma didn’t raise no fool! You know (or are interested in) the benefits of #cleanbeauty, and you want to bring mom along for the ride! In this Spa @ Home bundle, you’ll get:


Our recommended Mother’s Day Spa @ Home ritual/gifting: Use the mini sizes to do a facial at home with your mom and then gift her the full size. You keep what’s left of the mini sizes, she gets the full-sized products. Everyone wins!

SPECIAL BONUS: Post/tag your pictures of your Spa Day on Instagram (use #FMWLMothersDay) and we’ll choose a winner to receive a FREE Almond Eye Serum!

My mom is actually here with me in San Diego this week (she lives in Cincinnati) so we’re getting lots of time for at-home spa rituals, check out the video below:


FMWL Mothers Day 2018 - Molly & Mom Video




If you’re not celebrating Mother’s Day this year, we encourage you to practice some radical self-care on Sunday. We’ve put together a gorgeous bundle of some of our favorite products, just for you. Wild Rose Face MaskNourish Face Cream, and our Almond Eye Serum make for a beautiful combination to indulge in when you’re ready to call in your intentions for next week or need a little extra boost.

Try on this mantra for your self-care Sunday ritual: I honor the ways in which I mother myself every single day.


These bundles are only available at this price until May 11th and only available at frommollywithlove.com.

love, molly

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