FMWL Behind the Scenes, Meet Julia Levine

FMWL Behind the Scenes

Hi beauties! I wanted to show a bit more about FMWL Behind the Scenes because now, From Molly With Love is actually “From Molly With Love and team.”

I believe that recognizing our team‘s work is super important. As a boss, I could do more of that. So here is the first in series where you’ll learn more about the people who make up Team FMWL behind the scenes.

Julia Levine does a little bit of everything around here, as we all do. But her superhero strength is in operations & human resources.

She also helps produce, pack, and ship your products; responds to customer service emails; assists with product development & testing; maintains and monitors inventory and supply levels; and helps me coordinate any number of initiatives. She has been with us for almost a year & a half, which is SUPER long considering that we haven’t been for even three years!

Her first initiation to the team was helping us produce & coordinate a 14,000 unit order (our first that large) with a major retailer. I’m so glad she didn’t scream and run in the other direction!

She and our other team members picked up a lot of my slack while I was recovering from my brain injury last year. I am forever grateful to them and I feel blessed to have the best team EVER. So let’s learn more, shall we?

Name: Julia Levine

Where are you from?: New York. Born in Brooklyn, raised in the suburbs an hour north of NYC.

What do you do at FMWL? A little bit (ok, maybe a lot) of everything!

Astrological sign?

  • Capricorn sun
  • Scorpio moon
  • Leo rising

Fun / Interesting fact about you: I’m the resident witch on staff. (She’s even trained in witchery!)

When do you feel the most beautiful?: When I am living in the moment and taking care of myself: my skin, my body, and my mental health.

What’s your favorite place to be? New York in the autumn picking pumpkins or apples, smelling the autumn leaves, and probably visiting a haunted house or two.

What can’t you live without? Sun protection. Lots of water. Good stories to read, watch, and listen to.

What are you passionate about? So many things! Art, music, film, dance, skincare/beauty, and my dog, Weetzie. Also into all things nerdy.

Favorite FMWL product: Our Sea Kelp Bioferment Essence.

Julia is 100% her astrological mix. She’s got the witchy side of her Scorpio moon, the leadership qualities and work ethic of a Capricorn, and the initiative of a Leo rising.

She also has amazing taste in podcasts, fashion, music, art, and film.

I knew I would like her when I discovered that her ringtone was Violet by Hole.

But Julia completely represents the ethos of what we’re about at FMWL. She believes in inclusivity, the importance of self-care, social justice; and is passionate about our mission and our products. And she’s a bit of a skincare nerd herself! Her good taste, thoughtfulness, and care go into everything we touch.

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